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This service is offered to help those who want to have an active share in gardening, but through physical limitations are unable to undertake all gardening tasks. If age, disability, injury or illness has limited your involvement in the garden, Maguire Porter is here to help. Whether we simply undertake the physically difficult duties, help you with weeding, or complete the entire task under your watchful direction, our aim is to work alongside you so you can achieve the results you want.
Garden Assist stands apart from our other services as it’s the only service where we offer a full landscaping package.  This is a bespoke service as the physical ability and requirement of every individual is unique. Prior to any works commencing we will meet with you, discuss your ideas, offer suggestions, provide a fixed cost quotation and agree a programme of works.  If your situation means you have had an Expert Witness appointed to your case, we will also be happy to work in association with them or under their guidance.
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